May 6, 2021
News > Pocket Workstation for Mobile Diagnostic Providers

Pocket Workstation for Mobile Diagnostic Providers

May 6, 2021

EMSOW introduces a smartphone-friendly version for mobile imaging providers!

Mobile Diagnostic

We are excited to announce the smartphone-friendly version of EMSOW. From now on, you can manage your mobile diagnostic business right from your smartphone or tablet. Like the desktop version of the system, the new user interface works in a web browser and requires no installation.

It is a small and simple yet powerful communication hub that helps you:

  • dispatch technologists
  • send push notifications and text notes to your personnel
  • enter study information within seconds
  • prioritize exams as Routine, STAT, and ASAP
  • track exam status
  • easily search for previous patients and studies

Built-in ICD & CPT code databases and patient lookup save plenty of time and effort. Start entering a keyword, and the system will display the list of available procedures, diagnoses, or patients.

The smartphone-friendly version is a new addition to EMSOW’s family that includes the full-size desktop system with cloud image storage, DICOM processing, and billing tools.

Together they offer a powerful toolkit that streamlines your mobile diagnostic experience, speeds up reading and revenue collection, and connects you with as many technologists, clients, physicians, and EMR systems as you need. If you are a mobile diagnostic imaging provider, you’ve got to try EMSOW!

To learn more about the smartphone-friendly version of EMSOW, contact us at


    January 15, 2020
    News > EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – January 15, 2020

    EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – January 15, 2020

    January 15, 2020


    TechCrunch: “Every day, millions of new medical images containing the personal health information of patients are spilling out onto the internet.” About half of these images belong to patients from the USA. It seems like cyber-security risks are becoming more acute. One of the ways to minimize them is to use a secure cloud platform for image transfer.

    In response to these challenges, our developers are constantly working on enhancing EMSOW’s security. However, this week we have focused on improving our billing and posting systems.


    [#19412] Do not create patient statements for claims forwarded to a secondary payer

    We have updated our payment posting feature to prevent errors and improve your billing accuracy. From now on, the system will not create a patient statement when you are posting a payment from an ERA that indicates that the original claim was forwarded to a secondary insurance carrier. If the secondary insurance is not entered into the service record, an error message will be displayed, asking the user to add the secondary insurance to the service.


    [#19372] Updates in the Clearing module

    To further improve your billing accuracy, we have also updated the Clearing module. Now, before you mark a file as taken by ticking the flag icon in the Taken column, you will see a confirmation window. To mark the file as taken, click Yes. Besides, we have added the Date taken column so that you could easily track the date and time of when the files were taken.


    [#19482] Improved claims search

    Now you can gain better control over your revenue streams. Previously, the Unsent claims filter disregarded the claims that users marked as submitted manually, so the filter would display those claims as if they were unsent. We have fixed this issue. Also, we have added a new filter, Unsent claims (via clearing house), which allows you to search specifically for claims that are supposed to be sent electronically.


    [#19490] Billing status icons in the Processing module

    You asked us to visualize the billing status of exams in the Processing module, and we did it. We have added visual icons to the billing status line. Now, along with the textual description, you will see status icons: ‎✅ for paid exams, ⌛ for pending payments, and ✍️ for written-off amounts. This update will help your staff see the billing status of the exams at a glance!



      August 15, 2019
      News > EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – August 15, 2019

      EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – August 15, 2019

      August 15, 2019

      The survey findings published in Radiology Business say that the vast majority of radiologists see significant value in teleradiology, although there are some disturbing factors, which prevent them from using teleradiology solutions.
      EMSOW is a cloud-based end-to-end teleradiology platform to improve your practice and eliminate technical issues. Today, we are proud to present our dispatching service in action (really, less than two minutes).

      Automate your technologist management with EMSOW. In the Dispatch module, you can assign exams to imaging technologists in two clicks and track the exams status 24/7.