Why mobile imaging providers choose EMSOW?

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EMSOW has been around since 2009, helping mobile imaging companies automate their daily tasks, simplify workflow, and save on exam reading. Our clients are portable x-ray companies, POCUS providers, nursing home and correctional facility providers, radiologists/teleradiology services, and medical billers nationwide!


“When I started my business, I was prepared for high overheads. Surprisingly, EMSOW allowed me to cut them by 40%. I never expected it could automate so many routine tasks and reduce that much paperwork.”

Micah Johnson, Precise Vascular Sonography, LLC

“Today, good imaging physicians are hard to find, but it’s even harder to deal with several at once. EMSOW helped me create and maintain a reliable network of trusted medical specialists. Thanks to EMSOW and my colleagues, I greatly expanded my business!”

Payton Bean, Kingdom Diagnostics

“Transferring medical images may seem challenging because of technical and legal issues. With EMSOW, I established secure and instant communication between my technologists and reading doctors. EMSOW significantly decreases turnaround time and improves service quality. I am absolutely confident that all the images will be timely delivered and interpreted.”

Joyce Bowen, Polsono Mobile Ultrasound

“EMSOW automated our billing operations. Our specialists are Revenue Cycle Management veterans, providing all-inclusive services to increase your margins, boost billing efficiency, improve accuracy and reimburse you as quickly as possible.”

Benjamin Friedman, Revenue Eagle


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