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Addressing the issues that face your growing business

In contrast to most bulky and complicated medical business management applications, EMSOW allows you and your staff to start working with no lengthy or intricate learning curve involved.

EMSOW simplifies the most complex operations of any business that relies on medical images

  • automatically sorting and transmitting imaging studies
  • streamlining reporting from notes to final results
  • speeding communication of results with PCPs and specialists as directed
  • securely storing results for quick retrieval when needed
  • effortlessly scheduling follow up appointments and reliably billing according to the patient’s insurance

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Modality worklist — an automated solution for dispatching imaging studies

Medical specialists who deal with diagnostic imaging, regularly have to communicate examination queries and patients’ demographics to various diagnostic facilities and equipment. At first glance, it is quite simple, because data transmission is a regular part of our everyday life. But if you are a doctor or a medical business supervisor, you are aware of several industry-specific issues.

Quite often medical businesses work with multiple facilities and various equipment. Imagine that you need to consistently inform each technologist which study needs to be done for each of your patients or regularly receive orders from multiple hospitals. Just to perform this single task promptly, you’ll need to hire a dispatcher.

Without an adequate automated task manager, each patient’s data has to be double-entered manually. Several issues are arising out of double manual data-entry. First of all, this process is usually time-consuming, but that is not all. Probably, one of the most pressing problems is high error rate, which means that some of your patients’ information would likely be confused, incomplete or even missing. In such cases, you would have to. . .


Operating a diagnostic company in the current healthcare market is extremely difficult. The healthcare environment is undergoing transformative changes. For operators to continue to grow and prosper requires strict control of their asset and staffing utilization. EMSOW software is a key tool that allows managers to effectively manage their staff and assets while improving data transfer and communication with referring and interpreting physicians. For us, it has reduced operating costs while significantly improving quality, and consistency for all of our diagnostic programs. EMSOW has catapulted our company to be a leader in our market.

Michael Ketslakh (NDS)

Managing several doctors can get complicated. Thanks to EMSOW, I am able to streamline the ultrasound process. EMSOW allows me to organize all the studies in one place and send them to specific reading doctors as necessary. This allows me to eliminate copying of CDs and then worrying about how to get the studies to the specific reading physicians. I now have multiple doctors sending studies to multiple reading physicians INSTANTLY and with ease. Plus, everything is backed up on their end and is HIPAA compliant. I can honestly say that EMSOW makes a doctor's life easier.

Dr. Peri

Release updates

EMSOW Release Newsletter – February 13, 2019

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#18297] New data entry statistics feature

If you have a dedicated data entry team and wish to track their work progress, there’s good news. We have added a new menu command to the Processing module: “Mark as” → “Processed study.” By clicking this command, a user indicates that he or she has processed selected services. Managers can see which services have been processed by a specific user by using the “Processing” filter group in the Billing module.

[#18266] Patient lookup dropdown fix

We have applied a small layout fix to the patient lookup dropdown menu in the “Edit service” window to make sure the patient’s date of birth fits in the menu.

[#18307] Export Data From Clearing

We have fixed a bug that prevented users from exporting data from the Clearing module.

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