A cloud based end-to-end business management solution for point of care diagnostic imaging providers

Introducing EMSOW, the only A-Z software solution tailored for Point of Care imaging providers. EMSOW was designed with one goal in mind: to simplify and streamline the workflow of imaging providers in a single user-friendly platform. Start today and begin automating everyday operations, decreasing overhead expenses, and giving your bottom line to boost it needs!

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Addressing the issues that face your growing business

In contrast to most bulky and complicated medical business management applications, EMSOW allows you and your staff to start working with no lengthy or intricate learning curve involved.

EMSOW simplifies the most complex operations of any business that relies on medical images

  • automatically sorting and transmitting imaging studies
  • streamlining reporting from notes to final results
  • speeding communication of results with PCPs and specialists as directed
  • securely storing results for quick retrieval when needed
  • effortlessly scheduling follow up appointments and reliably billing according to the patient’s insurance


Operating a diagnostic company in the current healthcare market is extremely difficult. The healthcare environment is undergoing transformative changes. For operators to continue to grow and prosper requires strict control of their asset and staffing utilization. EMSOW software is a key tool that allows managers to effectively manage their staff and assets while improving data transfer and communication with referring and interpreting physicians. For us, it has reduced operating costs while significantly improving quality, and consistency for all of our diagnostic programs. EMSOW has catapulted our company to be a leader in our market.

Michael Ketslakh (NDS)

The level of care and commitment with which Emsow addresses customer requests has mitigated workflow issues for us time and again. Emsow's development team has collaborated with Advanced Imaging and our consulting clients nationwide to consider and create practical solutions to our needs. We appreciate your innovation and invitation to share ideas and look forward to continued partnership as we optimize our mobile imaging sysems and strategies.


Managing several doctors can get complicated. Thanks to EMSOW, I am able to streamline the ultrasound process. EMSOW allows me to organize all the studies in one place and send them to specific reading doctors as necessary. This allows me to eliminate copying of CDs and then worrying about how to get the studies to the specific reading physicians. I now have multiple doctors sending studies to multiple reading physicians INSTANTLY and with ease. Plus, everything is backed up on their end and is HIPAA compliant. I can honestly say that EMSOW makes a doctor's life easier.

Dr. Peri

Blog updates

Discovering new benefits of EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) make it much easier to manage patient records by systematizing and making them more accessible, searchable and secure. Apparently, EHRs are not free from shortcomings. Some clinicians reveal user-unfriendliness or lack of interoperability. However, all these downsides are specific to particular systems, while the number of EHR vendors in the USA is over 1,100 as of today. The adoption rate also looks impressive. According to the National Electronic Health Records Survey (2015), 87% of physicians were using EHR. This suggests that at least the system has its advantages. Originally, the electronic health record technology was designed for billing, but gradually practitioners revealed more and more of its features. Now, EHRs are successfully used for administrative and clinical purposes. They are well-structured and still give you the necessary degree of professional freedom, which is essential for successful medical practice....
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How to organize your medical images

Modern diagnostic imaging companies meet many challenges. One of them is image management, especially if you deal with X-ray films. On the one hand, federal and state laws require that images are kept long enough. On the other hand, films are usually fragile and can be easily damaged.
Article 10
You probably know that image-keeping requirements are very state-specific. The legislation concerning retention periods and storing images of different modalities varies from state to state. Utilization of medical images is a separate issue. In some states (e.g., in Colorado) you should try to contact a patient before destroying his or her records – personally or even through mass media (if you fail to locate the patient). Besides, recycling of X-ray films should be HIPAA compliant (which means that normally you’ll have to call upon recycling agencies and receive a destruction certificate). So, storing images as films is a somewhat conservative and troublesome way of image management....
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Release updates

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – February 19, 2020

Hi, we hope you had a wonderful Presidents’ Day. Meanwhile, we put out a new feature to improve your scheduling management.

[#19588] Counters for performed, scheduled and canceled services

Previously, you had to scroll the mouse down the order window to see the number of scheduled, performed and canceled services. Now you can view these details in the Order Information section of the Processing module. The number of services is displayed near the icons, which refer to the service status.


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