A cloud based end-to-end business management solution for point of care diagnostic imaging providers

Introducing EMSOW, the only A-Z software solution tailored for Point of Care imaging providers. EMSOW was designed with one goal in mind: to simplify and streamline the workflow of imaging providers in a single user-friendly platform. Start today and begin automating everyday operations, decreasing overhead expenses, and giving your bottom line to boost it needs!

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Addressing the issues that face your growing business

In contrast to most bulky and complicated medical business management applications, EMSOW allows you and your staff to start working with no lengthy or intricate learning curve involved.

EMSOW simplifies the most complex operations of any business that relies on medical images

  • automatically sorting and transmitting imaging studies
  • streamlining reporting from notes to final results
  • speeding communication of results with PCPs and specialists as directed
  • securely storing results for quick retrieval when needed
  • effortlessly scheduling follow up appointments and reliably billing according to the patient’s insurance


Thank you everyone for your help. You truly have a wonderful team and I enjoy the support I receive from you. I have worked with several IT groups, and you have shown your consistency and ability to handle things quickly is a step above the rest! I will recommend your services to anyone who may be looking in the future.

Thank you,
NomadX team

Bridgette Hannigan
Clínica Familiar y Prenatal
Chief Executive Officer

Bridgette Hannigan www.nomadxray.com

Transferring medical images may seem challenging because of technical and legal issues. With EMSOW, I established a secure and instant communication between my technologists and reading doctors. EMSOW significantly decreases turnaround time and improves service quality. I am absolutely confident that all the images will be timely delivered and interpreted.

Joyce Bowen, Polsono Mobile Ultrasound

Managing several doctors can get complicated. Thanks to EMSOW, I am able to streamline the ultrasound process. EMSOW allows me to organize all the studies in one place and send them to specific reading doctors as necessary. This allows me to eliminate copying of CDs and then worrying about how to get the studies to the specific reading physicians. I now have multiple doctors sending studies to multiple reading physicians INSTANTLY and with ease. Plus, everything is backed up on their end and is HIPAA compliant. I can honestly say that EMSOW makes a doctor's life easier.

Dr. Peri

Blog updates

Busting myths about PACS and EHR

The integration of new technology solutions continues to reshape businesses, and healthcare is no exception. On our blog, we have already presented some features, which optimize a lot of processes for medical diagnostic businesses, such as web-based PACS. However, from time to time, they become subject to criticism. The general objection is: “Productivity increase leads to quality loss.” This is usually explained by several points. Firstly, modern software reduces discussion, which is vitally important for medical practice. For instance, in medical imaging, radiologists and referring physicians do not communicate directly anymore. Instead, they use a built-in list of medical findings, which lacks an individual approach and sometimes even misleads the doctors. Another disputable point is the presentation of medical data. A clinician takes a rapid glance at a report, displayed on a computer...
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DICOM and HL7: Solving Interoperability Issues

DICOM & HL7 DICOM offers a lot of capabilities for storing, transmitting and processing medical images and patient data. However, you must be aware that there are several other protocols, which causes interoperability problems. This time we’ll talk about interoperability and compare two common medical data standards – HL7 and DICOM, which are the most common protocols. Interoperability issues may be illustrated in different ways. For example, a patient has to change hospitals (say, he is moving to another town). He expects that his EHR and all medical information would be transmitted successfully. But these two hospitals use different standards, and their information systems are unable to understand each other. So, the patient needs to retrieve his medical records on paper and perhaps even do some tests again. Imagine that he is seriously ill and needs treatment as soon as possible – then any delay means health deterioration. Or suppose you run a medical business and...
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Release updates

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – December 11, 2019

[#19104] EmsowMobilePro for iPhone and iPad: Administrator Mode and More

If you are about to go mobile (or already running a mobile diagnostic business), there’s good news. We have significantly improved our mobile application so that your traveling technologists and clinicians could get the most out of it. Moreover, this new version of the app enables practice administrators to access all procedure records, even on the go.
Here’s the complete list of updates:
* iOS 13/iPadOS support added
* Application icons and images redesigned
* New report template engine implemented – more productive, fast and user-friendly
* Administrator mode implemented – now you can view visits and exams for all users
* Study management system updated:
* patient editing available to all users
* patient insurance editing available to all users
* study lookup improved
* patient state lookup improved
* exam editing available to all users
* exam diagnosis codes viewing/editing implemented
* exam follow-up date viewing/editing implemented
* scheduled exam viewing/editing implemented
* app stability and performance improved


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