A cloud based end-to-end business management solution for point of care diagnostic imaging providers

Introducing EMSOW, the only A-Z software solution tailored for Point of Care imaging providers. EMSOW was designed with one goal in mind: to simplify and streamline the workflow of imaging providers in a single user-friendly platform. Start today and begin automating everyday operations, decreasing overhead expenses, and giving your bottom line to boost it needs!

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Addressing the issues that face your growing business

In contrast to most bulky and complicated medical business management applications, EMSOW allows you and your staff to start working with no lengthy or intricate learning curve involved.

EMSOW simplifies the most complex operations of any business that relies on medical images

  • automatically sorting and transmitting imaging studies
  • streamlining reporting from notes to final results
  • speeding communication of results with PCPs and specialists as directed
  • securely storing results for quick retrieval when needed
  • effortlessly scheduling follow up appointments and reliably billing according to the patient’s insurance


Transferring medical images may seem challenging because of technical and legal issues. With EMSOW, I established a secure and instant communication between my technologists and reading doctors. EMSOW significantly decreases turnaround time and improves service quality. I am absolutely confident that all the images will be timely delivered and interpreted.

Joyce Bowen, Polsono Mobile Ultrasound

Thank you everyone for your help. You truly have a wonderful team and I enjoy the support I receive from you. I have worked with several IT groups, and you have shown your consistency and ability to handle things quickly is a step above the rest! I will recommend your services to anyone who may be looking in the future.

Bridgette Hannigan Clínica Familiar y Prenatal, Chief Executive Officer

Managing several doctors can get complicated. Thanks to EMSOW, I am able to streamline the ultrasound process. EMSOW allows me to organize all the studies in one place and send them to specific reading doctors as necessary. This allows me to eliminate copying of CDs and then worrying about how to get the studies to the specific reading physicians. I now have multiple doctors sending studies to multiple reading physicians INSTANTLY and with ease. Plus, everything is backed up on their end and is HIPAA compliant. I can honestly say that EMSOW makes a doctor's life easier.

Dr. Peri

Blog updates

COVID-2019: Coding Challenges and Practice Pitfalls

Discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan (Central China), a new сoronavirus infection named COVID-19 has rapidly spread to the rest of the world and become the first global pandemic of the 21st century. On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the 2019 Novel сoronavirus (2019-nCoV) disease outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. The official name of the disease was announced on February 11, 2020. As we write this article, there are about 500,000 confirmed cases; over 65,000 have occurred in the USA. Fatality rate has already exceeded 7% in Italy, and the situation is provoking worldwide panic and affecting businesses, the consumer goods market, and the healthcare industry. This time we will try to look at the situation from the medical business point of view and discuss the coding and billing aspects of COVID-19. What are the ICD codes for the coronavirus, are they billable, and how can you improve your coding and billing processes in the...
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Ultrasound revolution: welcome onboard

Ultrasound unit
Today, rapidly developing healthcare technologies inspire more players to enter the market of diagnostic services. A lot of new solutions are now quite affordable – from wireless connections and secure PACS to compact portable machines. Some companies even create transducers which can be connected to a smartphone! However, this encourages competition among medical businesses. The competition leads to an increase in quality-to-price ratio and makes physicians with vast experience reframe their views on management and reconsider their diagnostic methods. Innovations are no substitute for the medical expertise, and still, a lot of healthcare enterprises with decades of practice and spotless reputation become driven from the market by younger and smaller entrepreneurs, who have adopted new technologies. As an example, we can mention modern ultrasound systems, which are currently gaining popularity. The overwhelming majority of such machines are digital and DICOM-friendly. But what are the benefits of...
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Release updates

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – April 1, 2020


Hope you’re well. Meanwhile, radiologists have to use WhatsApp to gather second opinions. During this restless time, patients should be treated by whatever means necessary. However, there are also special-purpose solutions, HIPAA-compliant and way more convenient.


[#19917] Remove sent invoices

Now you can remove sent invoices. This can be useful if you have created an invoice with an error and need to replace it. Follow the path: Billing > Invoices. Select the required invoice, click Remove selected, then click Yes in the confirmation window.


[#19901] Change a referring facility from the Dispatch Module

The new version of EMSOW allows our users to change the referring facility for an exam record right from the Dispatch module. Go to the Dispatch module, select the needed service, and click Edit. The Edit service window will open. Change the referring facility in the corresponding field. If the service is scheduled for the future, the technologist who is assigned to the case will receive an updated dispatch notification.

[#19888] Send studies for reading from Dispatch and Technologist Portal without additional confirmation

Now, when you click the Reading button in the Dispatch module or the Technologist Portal, the “Send all” checkbox will be selected automatically, so that you do not forget to deliver images to a radiologist in time.

[#19887] Add the FY billing modifier to studies with CR images

We have increased the automation of your billing management. From now on, the system will automatically add the FY billing modifier (“X-ray taken using computed radiography technology/cassette-based imaging”) to studies with Computed Radiography (CR) images.

[#19882] Improved End of Month reporting

We have enhanced the functionality of the End of Month (EoM) report. Now you can disable the Primary insurance, the Primary member ID, and the CPT code columns. Also, you can include in your report the Branch, Modality, and Finalized date columns by checking the corresponding boxes in the Print End of Month Report window.


[#19880] Dispatch performance report

This new report allows you to track the performance of your Dispatch users. Go to the Dispatch module and click the Performance report button. In the window that opens, select a date or a date range and run the report. An Excel file that includes patient and exam data and the names of users who created those exams will be downloaded to your computer.


[#19855] Add billing modifiers from the Processing module

In the new version of EMSOW, you can add billing modifiers to studies from the Processing module. Start creating a service or open the Edit service window. Click on the “arrow” button in the Studies section and select Edit billing modifiers list in the dropdown menu. In the window that opens, enter the required modifiers, then click Save. Please note that changing these modifiers after creating a claim will have no effect, as this feature is supposed to be used before you click the Auto-fill button.


[#19813] Assign referring contracts to accounts and create invoices for them

Now you can assign referring contracts to accounts (along with referring facilities). This can be used if you have a group of facilities that need to receive a collective invoice. Please note that this option will be unavailable if the contract is specified for both an account and a facility that is part of that account.

[#19900] Use branch links in EMSOW Mobile Pro

If a user is linked to branches in the Users module, they will be able to view only the orders for these branches in our iOS application.

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