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Addressing the issues that face your growing business

In contrast to most bulky and complicated medical business management applications, EMSOW allows you and your staff to start working with no lengthy or intricate learning curve involved.

EMSOW simplifies the most complex operations of any business that relies on medical images

  • automatically sorting and transmitting imaging studies
  • streamlining reporting from notes to final results
  • speeding communication of results with PCPs and specialists as directed
  • securely storing results for quick retrieval when needed
  • effortlessly scheduling follow up appointments and reliably billing according to the patient’s insurance

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Mobile Diagnostic Imaging: Having a Portable Machine is Just Not Enough

An introduction to cloud-based PACS for mobile diagnostic operators

Mobile diagnostic imaging is in high demand by many practices and doctors who are looking to expand their services to new locations and avoid the cost of maintaining an in-house diagnostic lab. Portable diagnostic equipment makes it possible for X-ray technicians and sonographers to travel between facilities. At the same time, it delivers image quality comparable to that of stationary equipment. However, today’s technology has a lot more to offer to mobile diagnostic operators than just portable ultrasound machines and X-ray appliances. In this article, we’ll take a look at one useful tool that can help your mobile imaging business work more efficiently – web-based PACS. Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) have become a vital part of the IT infrastructure of many healthcare organizations. PACS software allows to capture, store, view and share all types of medical images within local networks. This provides a great number of advantages, including long-term storage, easy search, and image transfer via the network (which is much faster and cheaper than burning CDs). However, if you are considering getting your own PACS server as a mobile imaging operator, you may face at least. . .

Managing several doctors can get complicated. Thanks to EMSOW, I am able to streamline the ultrasound process. EMSOW allows me to organize all the studies in one place and send them to specific reading doctors as necessary. This allows me to eliminate copying of CDs and then worrying about how to get the studies to the specific reading physicians. I now have multiple doctors sending studies to multiple reading physicians INSTANTLY and with ease. Plus, everything is backed up on their end and is HIPAA compliant. I can honestly say that EMSOW makes a doctor's life easier.

Dr. Peri

Operating a diagnostic company in the current healthcare market is extremely difficult. The healthcare environment is undergoing transformative changes. For operators to continue to grow and prosper requires strict control of their asset and staffing utilization. EMSOW software is a key tool that allows managers to effectively manage their staff and assets while improving data transfer and communication with referring and interpreting physicians. For us, it has reduced operating costs while significantly improving quality, and consistency for all of our diagnostic programs. EMSOW has catapulted our company to be a leader in our market.

Michael Ketslakh (NDS)

Release updates

EMSOW Release Newsletter – December 28, 2018

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#18107] Add notes to referring facilities

We have added a new field to the referring facility edit window (Setup → Referring → Referring Facilities), in which users can leave text notes. You will find this feature useful if you deal with many referring facilities and need to add comments to their records.

[#17878] Improved preliminary reporting

We have improved the stability of the preliminary report feature and fixed some bugs in it. Now the preliminary report tab closes immediately after a technologist clicks the “Complete preliminary report” button (formerly “Save preliminary report”). This ensures that the report is properly saved and no duplicate files are created.

[#17930] Removed date of service restriction from Physician Portal

Previously, the default “Date of service” range in the Physician Portal was set to three months. Some of our clients found it inconvenient, especially when they had to deal with older cases that were sent for comparison. We removed this restriction for the “Pending” queues.

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