January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020

Emsow postcard


It has been a productive year for us. All in all, the system has been updated 50 times with 433 improvements! We have been focusing on automation, integration, and user-friendliness. Many of these updates are inspired by our customers. We want to thank you for being with us all this time and helping us become better. We’ll keep on doing our best in the upcoming 2020!

Here is a couple of our most noteworthy updates of 2019:

[#18174] Make any file types available in Physician Portal
We have made it possible to make any file type available to Physician Portal users. Go to Setup  Processing  File types and select the “Show in physician portal” checkbox for the required file types. Now your providers can get as much information from your paperwork as they need.

[#18309] NPPES integration
EMSOW is now integrated with the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). This means that whenever you add or edit a doctor or organization, EMSOW can automatically look up the NPI, address, and taxonomy codes in the NPPES and fill out the corresponding fields. This applies to referring facilities, referring doctors, reading facilities, reading doctors, rendering providers, and billing companies. In order to perform a lookup, click the NPPES lookup button in the editing window. If the button is not yet available to you, please contact EMSOW Support to request access.

[#18663] Rendering Provider portal
To improve EMSOW’s usability for clinical practitioners, we have created the Rendering Provider portal. Here, you can create studies in order to save the results of your work with patients. By clicking the “Edit worksheet” button, you can add notes to the studies based on customizable templates. User-friendly search filters allow you to filter the studies by any criteria, from the date of service to the patient’s or doctor’s name. To get yourself set up with the new module, please contact EMSOW support at

[#19089] Check eligibility for the date of service
We have made the eligibility check feature more versatile, so now you can check eligibility for the date of service. For example, you can check if a patient is eligible to receive a service scheduled in advance.

[#19104] EmsowMobilePro for iPhone and iPad: Administrator Mode and More
We have significantly improved our mobile application so that your traveling technologists and clinicians could get the most out of it. Moreover, this new version of the app enables practice administrators to access all procedure records, even on the go!