July 14, 2022
News > Feature release 07/14/2022: Improvements in invoice sorting

Feature release 07/14/2022: Improvements in invoice sorting

July 14, 2022

Dear practitioner!


What can healthcare organizations do to reduce billing compliance risks in 2022?

Educate. Make sure providers and coders stay informed as billing rules and regulations change.

Predict. Expand “revenue intelligence” and predictive analytics tools to proactively catch billing errors and avoid first-pass denial rates.

Monitor. Meaningful audits and analysis go beyond error detection with true insights into the causes of errors and the tools to correct them.

Manage. It’s not enough to audit if no changes are made. Implement corrective action and follow-up.


As for EMSOW, we always strive for making your work easier. This week we’ve made an improvement in the way of sorting of invoice items, now you’ll be able to choose the most convenient way for you.

There is also another useful update which you can find below.


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[#23775] Default invoice sorting by patient name

Moving forward, the default way of sorting of invoice items has been changed from sorting by the service ID to sorting by the patient’s name. You can set your preference in the referring facility settings (on the Billing tab):

[#23501] Edit external accession number in Add/Edit service window

With the latest update, we have added an easy way of editing the study external accession number while you are editing the service. Select Edit external A/N in the study dropdown menu:

And enter the external accession number in the window that pops up: