March 3, 2021
News > Advanced billing system right in your cloud PACS!

Advanced billing system right in your cloud PACS!

March 3, 2021

Dear imaging provider!

Originally intended as a cloud PACS system, EMSOW has become an all-in-one platform for diagnostic imaging practices, PoCUS providers, as well as mobile clinicians. We’ve added comprehensive scheduling, dispatching, and medical billing modules to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Today, you can use only one intuitive and affordable solution to manage all your tasks!

This week’s release improves our billing functionality. The new version brings a small update to our Excel-based invoice report and lets you check eligibility of QMB patients more efficiently.

Want to learn more? We would be happy to show you EMSOW and discuss how it can help your practice.

[#21373] Diagnosis codes in Invoice report with grouping by service

In the latest version of EMSOW, the Invoice report in the Billing module shows diagnosis codes when grouping by service is selected.

[#21345] QMB patients are not auto-tagged with their deductible status anymore

Previously, we added the option that allows EMSOW to automatically mark Medicare Part B patients enrolled in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program and also mark Medicare Part B patients with special tags showing if their deductible is met or not.

Starting with this update, the deductible tags will not be automatically added to QMB patients anymore since such patients have no legal obligation to pay Medicare Part A or Part B deductibles.

You can set auto-tagging parameters in the billing connector settings (follow Setup → Billing → Billing Connectors in the main EMSOW menu).