July 9, 2021
News > Billing and HL7 updates for diagnostic imaging

Billing and HL7 updates for diagnostic imaging

July 9, 2021

We would like to share a digest of essential EMSOW updates that are out now. All of them were suggested by our customers, and we hope they streamline the operational and billing workflow for our users… and you, too!

These new features improve billing practices and enhance integration with EHR/EMR systems through the HL7 protocol.

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[#21957] New search filters and grid columns for HL7 Requests

In the latest release, we have made several improvements in the HL7 Requests module:

  • New search filters Date of service and External service ID (under the Request section)
  • A new grid column External service ID
  • The Created date search filter has been renamed as Received date and the Processed at grid column has been renamed as Processed date
  • The ID and Filename search filters have been moved from the General section to the Request

This update is meant to make it easier for you to manage incoming orders from EMR systems.

[#22000] Search studies in Billing regardless of the report status

Previously, the Report search option in Billing allowed you only to switch between “Report received” and “Report not received”. With this update, you can clear the field and search studies regardless of their report status:


[#21973] Reference labs in reading and billing rule conditions

From now on, it is possible to choose a reference laboratory as a condition in reading and billing rules:
 [#21978] Email notifications of scheduled tests for patients and their referring facilities

With this update, EMSOW can notify a patient once their ordered test has been scheduled and notify the referring facility as well. The message that is sent to the patient contains preparation instructions for the upcoming test. The message for the referring facility includes study details.