December 17, 2020
News > EMSOW Newsletter: Integrate your PACS with a medical billing system!

EMSOW Newsletter: Integrate your PACS with a medical billing system!

December 17, 2020

EMSOW’s medical billing has become a go-to tool for many imaging providers. This week we have rolled out a couple of new billing tools requested by our customers. Thank you for staying with us and helping us grow better every day!

Today, EMSOW is the only medical imaging platform that puts together a professional medical billing system with PACS, DICOM and scheduling/dispatching tools. It has everything your imaging business needs to be straightforward, competitive, secure, and profitable.

If you’re interested to learn more, book a consultation! If you’re our customer, please see updates below.

[#20932] Pay per diem (PPD) payments in invoice report

This update makes the invoice report a bit more detailed in terms of how it represents studies billed to a facility.

First, we have added two new columns to the invoice report: Invoice number (self-explanatory) and PPD (shows “Yes” for items that are billed completely as PPD, or “Mixed” if the item includes both PPD and insurance charges, e.g., if a study was billed as PPD for the technical component only and also has an insurance claim for component 26).

Second, for PPD items, the total invoice charge amount will be divided in equal parts between all report rows related to the same invoice. These equal parts will be represented in the Charge column of the invoice report.

[#21015] Claim internal control number in the invoice report

Apart from the aforementioned changes, the invoice report received another new column – ICN. It will show you internal control numbers (ICN) of claims, if the ICNs have been received from an insurance company via ERA. The new column has been placed between the Procedure(s) and Diagnosis columns of the report.

[#21000] Place of Service code in the End of Month report

Another billing report in EMSOW has been upgraded: the End of Month report can now show the place of service (PoS) codes of referring facilities. Since the report is fully customizable, you can include or exclude this new option along with a multitude of others before generating the report:

Medical BIlling: 21000