November 14, 2018
News > EMSOW Release Newsletter – November 14, 2018

EMSOW Release Newsletter – November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#17990] Documents button and context menu item are back in the Technologist Portal

We have returned the “Documents” button and context menu item to the PACS section of the Technologist Portal. Just a reminder: in the previous release, we made it possible to create non-DICOM studies (such as EEG, EKG, NCV and SSR) from the Technologist Portal, without giving technologists access to Processing. Please keep the feedback coming!

[#17944] Time tracking for night shifters

The EMSOW clock-in system does not automatically reset an employee’s session at midnight anymore. We believe night shift workers are going to love this—now they won’t have to check out before midnight and check back in to keep their work hours counted.

[#17968] Print CMS-1500 forms without red lines from the Billing Information window

From now on, our users can print CMS-1500 claim forms without red lines from the Processing module. Double-click a service to open the “Billing Information” window and click the “Print form only” button in the row of the required claim.

[#17976] Prefix for Claim Submitter’s Identifier

We have added a new option to the settings of billing companies, which allows to add a prefix to the CLM-01 segment of electronic claims (which corresponds to Box 26 of the 1500 form).

If you are using more than one billing system, you can use this feature if you want your clearing house to identify your EMSOW site as the claim origin, in order to sort or split remits. If the clearing house supports it, you will receive only those ERA files that are intended to be posted in EMSOW.

By default, EMSOW uses Service IDs as Claim Submitter’s Identifiers.

[#17922] Statement of account reason

Now you can add a “Statement of account reason” line to account statements, in order to explain the reason for receiving the account statement to the client, e.g. “We have not been paid on this claim because your insurance company sent payment to you.”

To take advantage of this feature, please send us the list of possible reasons that you want to use, and we will add it to your configuration. Then, the system will prompt you to select a reason when you click “Print” → “Account statements” in the Billing module.

[#17928] Use user links to assign technologists to studies

From now on the system will automatically assign technologist records to studies by using the “Technologist” link of the user who has uploaded images. This will allow to print the technologist’s name on reports and preliminary reports without having to edit services in Processing.

[#17463] Phoned/faxed icon and filter in Dispatch

Dispatchers are now able to indicate if someone has phoned or faxed regarding an ordered case. The corresponding icons are displayed in the grid of the Dispatch module. Also, users can apply a filter to see those cases that have not been marked as “faxed” or “phoned”.

[#15944] Replication for studies with multiple identical CPT codes and modifiers

We have made it possible to replicate studies that include more than one identical CPT code. This should fix certain billing errors in replicated EMSOW domains.

Bugs & Stability

We have improved the stability and performance of EMSOW and fixed a few bugs.