October 10, 2018
News > EMSOW Release Newsletter – October 10, 2018

EMSOW Release Newsletter – October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#17690] Hospitalization dates

We implemented support for hospitalization dates in the system. You can specify admission and discharge dates in the properties of a service, and they will be included in claims that you submit electronically or on paper. If you want to use this feature in your workflow, please contact our support to get a short training session.

[#17820] Double check of patient height in DICOM files

It has been brought to our attention that certain ultrasound machines send patient height in centimeters as the value of DICOM tag (0010,1020), instead of meters. From now on, EMSOW will automatically correct the height value in those cases.

[#17461] Study priority levels in the Dispatch module

With this version, our users will be able to set one of the three priority levels for a case in the Dispatch module:

  • “Routine” (default) – highlighted as green
  • “ASAP” – highlighted as yellow
  • “STAT” – highlighted as red

The users can also quickly filter the cases in the Dispatch module by priority.

[#17811] Referring doctor suffixes on reports

From now on, the suffixes of referring doctors’ names (such as “MD” or “DO”) will be printed on image interpretation reports.

Bugs & Stability

We have improved the stability and performance of EMSOW and fixed a few bugs.