August 7, 2019
News > EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – August 7, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – August 7, 2019

August 7, 2019

Industry news

On August 1, FDA published a list of recommendations to ensure the safety of patients and staff in MRI environments and improve safety testing and MRI information in medical device labeling.

EMSOW Release

[#18922] Dispatch Turnaround Time Analysis module

Now you can easily view, compare, and analyze the turnaround time of your facilities. We have created a new module, where you can filter the list of exams by referring facility and see turnaround time for each exam as well as average time for the selected date range. To access it, go to the Analysis module and select Dispatch Turnaround Time Analysis in the dropdown menu.

Turnaround time module

[#18758] Set the modalities to be displayed in AMI viewer

There are two image viewers available in EMSOW. Some of our customers prefer to view images of particular modalities on EMSOW viewer, instead of AMI viewer. Now you can customize AMI viewer on your EMSOW domain by choosing the modalities to be displayed in it. To apply this option, please contact our support at