August 7, 2020
News > EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – August 7, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – August 7, 2020

August 7, 2020

We believe that any diagnostic imaging business of today deserves to have a state-of-the-art PACS, a zero-install DICOM Viewer with a comprehensive set of report templates, as well a robust system for patient scheduling, technologist dispatching, and billing. EMSOW’s customers take advantage of having it all (and actually much more) on one user-friendly web platform and at a very affordable price. Image interpretation by a trusted radiologist licensed in your state is also a great opportunity we offer.

However, we are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your success. The latest updates will help your technologists get better prepared for exams, encourage your Part A referring facilities to pay you at the right time, and let you check the Medicare Part B enrollment of your physicians automatically!

If you’re not with EMSOW yet, schedule a demo. You will see how it works (and even try it!), have your questions answered, and compare prices.

 [#20507] Diagnosis codes in technologist email notifications

Forewarned is forearmed. The latest improvement in the Dispatch module helps your technologists get better prepared for exams. Now, when you dispatch an exam order, your technologist will receive an email notification with ICD-10 codes of the patient along with code descriptions. It’s always better to get a clue about the patient’s health problems in advance!

[#20506] Early payment period option

Timely payment matters. Now you can encourage Part A facilities to pay you in time by setting early payment discounts that are applied within a certain period after you send an invoice. Select the Early payment checkbox, specify conditions, and set the desired early payment period in the Study discount rule window under Setup / Rules / Study discounts rules.


[#20258] Medicare Part B enrollment verification

To perform outpatient services, you need to make sure your referring physicians are enrolled for Medicare Part B. Now EMSOW can monitor your physicians’ enrollment on a daily basis, thanks to our new integration with Medicare web services.


The Medicare Part B Enrollment checkbox will be selected in the Referring doctors module automatically for qualifying doctors.

Now, the practical part: the system will prevent you from dispatching a technologist to the physicians who are not enrolled. A warning will be displayed in the Problems column of the Dispatch module (currently hidden by default, but we plan to make it more informative soon!).