December 4, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – December 4, 2019


If you are a mobile imaging provider, then you must secure your patient information and eliminate any leakage risk. Jennings Aske, an information security expert from NewYork-Presbyterian, describes cyber-security challenges.

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[#19257] Updated ICD-10 code database
We have updated the ICD-10 code database according to the changes released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in October 2019. The latest ICD-10 codes are now available in EMSOW.

[#19346] Critical findings checkbox in the report interface
We have replaced the critical findings window in the report interface. Now reading physicians do not need to select if the report findings are critical when finalizing each report. Instead, they can either click the new checkbox at the bottom of the screen or ignore it (if there are no critical findings).