July 3, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – July 3, 2019

Medical imaging news

CDs remain the predominant way of sharing radiological images with patients, says the Radiology journal. Today, with PACS storage and secure patient portals available, using CDs seems not entirely efficient, though.

EMSOW offers PACS with encrypted patient access and much more to streamline your imaging business.

EMSOW Release

[#18791] Copy address from “Nursing home” type referring facilities
We have increased the automation of data entry. Now you can copy the address of a referring facility to service records if the referring facility is a nursing home (i.e., its PoS code is 32). To use this feature, go to the Processing module, click Add or Edit, and click on the “Copy address from ref. facility” link.

Copy Nursing Home Address