July 31, 2019
News > EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – July 31, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – July 31, 2019

July 31, 2019

Industry News

Radiologists tend to show the highest interest in telemedicine compared to other physicians, reports Doximity.
This trend can lead to a growing demand for teleradiology platforms. Since 2009 EMSOW has been offering a cutting-edge radiology platform, tailored especially for radiology business at a very reasonable price.

[#16984] Create documents based on templates

Besides file uploading and paperwork scanning, you can now use templates to create documents in EMSOW! Click the “Documents” button and then click “Add using templates” to create a new document:

Add using template

This functionality is available in the Processing and Dispatch modules, as well as the Rendering Provider and Technologist portals. To set up document templates, administrators should go to Setup → Reading → Report Templates.

[#18431] Billing charges for multiple billing companies

Now you can specify more than one billing company in one billing charge record, instead of creating a separate record for each of your billing companies. Go to Setup → Billing → Billing Charges, create or edit a record for a CPT code, and use the “Billing companies” drop-down list:

Multiple billing companies