October 3, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – October 3, 2019


Radiology Business reports an increasing ePHI leakage threat. Sometimes access to patient information reminds not even of hacking, but of walking into an open door. This serious HIPAA violation can be easily escaped by using secure cloud storage EMSOW provides.


[#19041] Ability to upload EEG files

We have extended the functionality of document management in EMSOW. Now our users can attach EEG files with the “.eas” extension to study records. All in all, the “Documents” section currently supports 16 file formats! To attach a file to a study, click the “Documents” button in the Processing module or in the Technologist Portal.

Ability to upload EEG files

[#19089] Check eligibility for the date of service

Previously, you could check insurance eligibility only for the current date. We have made the eligibility check feature more versatile, so now you can check eligibility for the date of service. For example, you can check if a patient is eligible to receive a service scheduled in advance.