March 9, 2022
News > Feature release 03/09/2022: Payer filter in Billing

Feature release 03/09/2022: Payer filter in Billing

March 9, 2022

Dear provider!


It can be tough to stay up to date and properly informed on all of the industry-based acronyms in the ever-changing world of healthcare. One of the most important areas of healthcare to understand is the payer and provider sectors. These healthcare sectors play a crucial role in how our healthcare system functions in the United States.


Realizing all the difficulties one can face, EMSOW makes updates every week to make sure our clients are always up to date with the latest developments and updates.


There is an update in Billing module this week that allows you to search studies with a particular assigned payer (an insurance, facility, or third party) or without one.


In addition, below you can find another update that we’ve made to make your work with EMSOW easier!


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[#23315] Payer filter in Billing

A new search option has been added to the Billing module search filter – Payer:

The payer for a study can be assigned in the Payer Assignment module (under Billing in the main EMSOW menu).

[#23191] Link to study images in reports

With the latest update, it is possible to include a link to access DICOM images in a study report:

With that link, the referring doctor can access the study images even without logging in to EMSOW. If you would like to customize your report templates so they include a link to the study images, please contact our support team.