April 6, 2022
News > Feature release 04/06/2022: Updated insurance and billing sections

Feature release 04/06/2022: Updated insurance and billing sections

April 6, 2022

Dear all!


Let’s start this day with some insurance facts! Did you know that Taco Bell once purchased taco insurance, America Ferrera had her smile insured for $10,000,000 and no insurance company will underwrite Jackie Chan’s productions?


As for EMSOW’s insurance and billing sections, this week we have completed a new feature to improve your claims management, as well as another useful option.


If you are not with EMSOW yet, you are welcome to book a FREE online demo here!

[#23411] User permission for updating insurance information in future services

The latest update introduces a new user permission that allows them to apply the insurance information changes (e.g., a new policy number) from the service currently being edited to all patient’s services with a later date of service.

The permission can be granted or revoked in the user groups management module (Admin → Groups in the main EMSOW menu).

[#23368] Fix for searching by CARC codes in Billing

We have fixed a bug when studies with some CARC codes didn’t show up in Billing if the CARC search filter was used.

[#21079] Search by insurance in Financial Analysis

From now on, you can search financial performance data by a specific patient insurance with this new search option: