August 11, 2022
News > Feature release 08/11/2022: Billing module’s new search option

Feature release 08/11/2022: Billing module’s new search option

August 11, 2022

Dear provider!


Recent changes to the U.S. healthcare system have brought about a variety of new challenges for providers and patients alike. Numerous elements of the healthcare reform, such as the adoption of time-consuming regular revisions to billing laws and regulations, may result in revenue losses for providers across the country. U.S. medical providers leave over $125 billion in uncollected revenue each year due to failure to stay current on medical billing rules.


EMSOW always strives for better and easier work. With this week’s update, the Billing module features a new search option, which you can check out below. Also, we’ve added a couple of new useful features to the Data Import module, the Physician Portal and the Technologist Portal.


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[#23986] Search entire services without any payments in Billing

This release brings a new search query to the Billing module that allows you to find entire services without any payments:

[#23972] Rendering provider NPI in Data Import

While importing studies through the Data Import module, you can now provide just the rendering provider NPI number instead of their name inside the Rendering column of the spreadsheet with the data to be imported.

[#23952] CPT units and modifiers in Data Import

With another Data Import update, you can also import CPT units and modifiers. The respective columns have been added after the Studies column. Note that this feature works only for studies with exactly one CPT code.

[#23868] Study sharing in Physician and Technologist portal

With the latest release, you can share a study (by emailing a secure link to the study and its documents) with someone who doesn’t have an EMSOW account. To share a study, open the Physician or Technologist portal, select the necessary study and click the Share study button in the top toolbar:

Then fill out the necessary fields in the window that pops up and click Save.

EMSOW will send a message to the email address you specified, which will allow the recipient to view the shared study without logging in.