August 17, 2022
News > Feature release 08/17/2022

Feature release 08/17/2022

August 17, 2022

Dear healthcare provider!


To help you manage your healthcare business more successfully, EMSOW works hard to provide you with new features and useful updates. We’ve added a new filter to one of the modules that can make your work with us more convenient. You can check it out below as well as another helpful feature.


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[#23993] Search processed HL7 requests without services

This week, we have added a new filter to the HL7 Requests module:

It allows you to search processed requests that are not linked to any service anymore (e.g., when a service was deleted some time later after the HL7 request had been processed).
[#23987] Allowed insurance groups for referring facility
With the latest release, it’s become possible to configure what insurance groups are allowed for a specific referring facility. You can do it in the new Allowed insurance groups tab in the referring facility settings:

This tab works the similar way as the Allowed insurances tab does: only the insurances from the selected insurance groups will be available for entering in all services under this referring facility.