September 29, 2022
News > Feature release 09/29/2022: HL7 requests

Feature release 09/29/2022: HL7 requests

September 29, 2022

Dear healthcare practitioner!


The pandemic showed the entire healthcare community how unprepared they were for a global, emergency event like this. Since the beginning of COVID, the entire medical sector has worked incredibly hard to prioritize advancements in patient care, including an increase in the implementation of technology. Both patients and providers understand and appreciate the value of digital health services, and more people are trusting these modes as ways to get and give care.


Realizing how important it is to have a cloud-based business management solution with technology rise, EMSOW makes updates every week, taking into consideration your needs. You can see this week’s feature below.


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[#23906] No more indication in main menu for archived unprocessed HL7 Requests

Starting with this update, HL7 Requests in the main EMSOW menu will no longer be highlighted red when only archived HL7 requests remain unprocessed.

Having not archived unprocessed requests will cause HL7 Requests turn red, just as usual: