February 15, 2023
News > Feature release 2/15/2023

Feature release 2/15/2023

February 15, 2023

Greetings to all!


Modern PACS technologies improve enterprise-wide access to patient data and imaging studies while providing cutting-edge clinical tools and applications. As seen by the rapid expansion of pay-per-use business models, PACS solutions also offer a variety of business situations.


EMSOW can offer a huge variety of useful features. This week we made some improvements in Physical portal and added a new column to the export file with patient insurances that contains the patient number. You can check all these updates below.


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[#25033] Notifications of incomplete study for rendering provider and technologist

With the latest release, rendering providers and technologists receive email notifications if the study has been marked as incomplete.

You can mark a study as incomplete or complete in Physician Portal:

And in Processing as well:

[#24782] Patient number column in Export insurances from Patients module

We have added a new column with the patient number to the export file with patient insurances:

To export insurances from the Patient module, click the respective button on the toolbar: