December 2, 2020
News > Improve cooperation with your rendering provider!

Improve cooperation with your rendering provider!

December 2, 2020

EMSOW’s Rendering provider portal has become a go-to tool for many physician assistants and nurse practitioners who travel to patients to provide consults. This week, we have added a new feature to facilitate your collaboration with rendering providers. They will love this new tool! Please see the details below.

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[#21035] Narrow study selection in Rendering Portal

With the latest update, you can now link a rendering provider to study groups related to them. This will make it easier for a rendering provider to pick the necessary study in Rendering Portal by excluding all non-relevant studies from the Study field.

To assign a study group to a rendering provider, go to Setup → Personnel → Rendering Providers and double-click into the necessary provider. Open the Study groups tab and select the desired study groups:

Rendering provider

After that, while adding studies in Rendering Portal, the rendering provider will be able to choose only studies from the study groups assigned to them:

Rendering provider

You can always configure study groups in Setup → Tests → Study Groups.