February 10, 2021
News > Manage your patient info in your cloud PACS!

Manage your patient info in your cloud PACS!

February 10, 2021

Subject line: Manage your patient info without hassle!

Dear imaging provider!

Originally intended as a cloud PACS system, EMSOW has become an all-in-one platform for diagnostic imaging practices, PoCUS providers, as well as mobile clinicians. We’ve added comprehensive scheduling, dispatching, and billing modules to meet the needs of our valuable partners and customers. Today, you can use only one intuitive and affordable solution to manage all your tasks!

This week’s release improves our patient and study management tools. The new version helps you eliminate manual data entry, facilitates user activity tracking, and visualizes study information in the Dispatch module in a more user-friendly way.

Want to learn more? We would be happy to show you EMSOW and discuss how it can help your practice.


 [#21324] Copy home patient address from eligibility information

The latest update brings you the ability to copy the patient’s home address from the eligibility information to the patient record in EMSOW automatically. To do this, hit the button next to the patient’s address:

cloud PACS - home address

If the patient’s home address is not empty, EMSOW will ask for your confirmation before overwriting the address.

To try out the new feature, select a service in Processing and click Eligibility → Show.

We have received many questions regarding our new approach to managing home and service addresses. Please keep sending your feedback and we will work on optimizing your experience.

[#20952] A separate column for study names in Dispatch

We refined the Dispatch module interface by separating the study name from the study status. Previously, the study name and status were displayed together in the Procedure column. From now on, the Procedure column shows only the study name, whereas the new Status column represents the study status information and the accession number:

cloud PACS - Dispatch

[#21343] See user ID in order modification history

From now on, the order modification history in Processing also shows the user ID next to the user name:

cloud PACS - mods history