May 6, 2021
News > Pocket Workstation for Mobile Diagnostic Providers

Pocket Workstation for Mobile Diagnostic Providers

May 6, 2021

EMSOW introduces a smartphone-friendly version for mobile imaging providers!

Mobile Diagnostic

We are excited to announce the smartphone-friendly version of EMSOW. From now on, you can manage your mobile diagnostic business right from your smartphone or tablet. Like the desktop version of the system, the new user interface works in a web browser and requires no installation.

It is a small and simple yet powerful communication hub that helps you:

  • dispatch technologists
  • send push notifications and text notes to your personnel
  • enter study information within seconds
  • prioritize exams as Routine, STAT, and ASAP
  • track exam status
  • easily search for previous patients and studies

Built-in ICD & CPT code databases and patient lookup save plenty of time and effort. Start entering a keyword, and the system will display the list of available procedures, diagnoses, or patients.

The smartphone-friendly version is a new addition to EMSOW’s family that includes the full-size desktop system with cloud image storage, DICOM processing, and billing tools.

Together they offer a powerful toolkit that streamlines your mobile diagnostic experience, speeds up reading and revenue collection, and connects you with as many technologists, clients, physicians, and EMR systems as you need. If you are a mobile diagnostic imaging provider, you’ve got to try EMSOW!

To learn more about the smartphone-friendly version of EMSOW, contact us at