November 21, 2018
News > EMSOW Release Newsletter – November 21, 2018

EMSOW Release Newsletter – November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#17642] Notifications about failed report delivery

Sometimes the system fails to send a report to a referring doctor by fax. This may occur for various reasons, but whatever they are, from now on you will be immediately informed about the failed delivery. If the report has not been delivered, EMSOW automatically sends you an email notification, recommends to resend the report manually, and provides the necessary instructions.

[#17923] Report design based on study type and insurance

We have updated the Report Design Rules module. Now EMSOW can add different letterheads to image interpretation reports for different study types and insurances. Other conditions that you can use in the rules include reading doctors, referring doctors, and branches.

[#18023] Corrected CLM01 field length 

We have reduced the length of the CLM01 field in X12 files to 20 characters. The standard length can be up to 38 characters, but claims with this field longer than 20 characters are frequently rejected. Now, this typical issue is eliminated with our latest update.

[#16480] Received date correction in the PACS storage

Before this update, sending a study for reading might cause a change of the received date in the PACS storage, due to the conversion of attached paperwork into the DICOM format. From now on, the system disregards the creation date of the automatically generated DICOM files and keeps the original date of image upload for easier search.

[#17998] Deleted studies in Statistics

The updated Statistics module keeps track of deleted studies in the Details window. The deleted studies have a warning sign, indicating the name of the user who deleted the study and the removal date. This will help you track the deleted studies for accounting purposes.

Bugs & Stability

We have improved the stability and performance of EMSOW and fixed a few bugs.