November 28, 2018
News > EMSOW Release Newsletter – November 28, 2018

EMSOW Release Newsletter – November 28, 2018

November 28, 2018

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#17896] Increased number of diagnosis codes

Now you can add up to 12 diagnosis codes to a study (previously, the system did not allow to enter more than four). This can help you improve the quality of your billing documentation, such as superbills.

[#18018] Updated billing autofill feature

We have updated the billing autofill feature to better handle studies that do not fall under any billing rules. Previously, the system would add a “NO BILL” flag to those studies thus preventing the user from autofilling them again.

From now on, EMSOW will keep the “NOT ASSIGNED” billing status in this situation so that you can add an appropriate rule and autofill the study again.

[#18027] Ability to mark insurance as eligible manually

From now on, you can manually mark a patient’s insurance as eligible in the Processing module. Sometimes you may need to inform other users that the insurance is eligible without sending a query to your clearing house. For this purpose, we have added a new option to the “Eligibility” menu, “Mark as eligible.”

Note that this option works not only for patients with available insurance IDs, but also for patients entered as “self-pay”.

Bugs & Stability

We have improved the stability and performance of EMSOW and fixed a few bugs.