February 6, 2019
News > EMSOW Release Newsletter – February 6, 2019

EMSOW Release Newsletter – February 6, 2019

February 6, 2019

Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you that a new version of EMSOW has been released this week.

[#18253] Taxonomy Codes Reference

Previously, taxonomy codes for reading facilities and other entities were entered as free text, which might cause human errors. In this update, we added a reference table for taxonomy codes and replaced the free-text fields with drop-downs.

[#18287] Ability to send images from a specific AET

We have added a new option for external reading facilities. Now you can specify which AE the system should use when communicating with an external DICOM server. Go to the “Send options” tab of the reading facility properties and set the “Send from AET” option. The list of available AE titles is configured under Setup → PACS → PACS Clients. If you leave the “Send from AET” selection blank, the default PACS server will be used.

[#18148] Facility Billing Improvements and Fixes

We have improved several EMSOW features for facility billing.

We have added the “Auto fill” button to the Payer Assignment module, which allows you to auto-fill billing information for selected exams, based on billing rules. On the left sidebar of the module, you now have a checkbox that allows you to show only those exams that do not have billing information filled. Another new checkbox allows you to show only those exams that have not yet been invoiced.

Besides, we have added a clickable service ID link to every exam, which opens the Processing module. This link is available both in the Payer Assignment module and the “Edit invoice” window.

Also, the system will not anymore print “$0.00” in the “Savings” column of an invoice if the savings amount to zero – the space will be left blank.

[#18258] Increased Speed of Statistics Module

Before this update EMSOW might take some time to count and display studies in the Statistics module. We have optimized the module so that it displays data quicker.

[#18223] Jump to the Wholesale tab in Processing from other modules

Previously, the “Wholesale” tab of the Processing module did not open when you jumped to Processing from another module, such as Billing or PACS Storage, by clicking a service ID or A/N link (the system would always open the “Retail” tab, regardless of which tab the service was under). We have fixed this annoying bug.

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