May 22, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – May 22, 2019

Medical imaging news

News from the Society of Magnetic Resonance Radiographers & Technologists (SMRT). MRI has shown that even a small amount of cannabis causes changes in the adolescent brain.

As for EMSOW, our recent update is aimed at improving your reports so that you could present your findings in the best possible way.

[#18635] Additional signature in report addendums

From now on, amended reports from reading doctors will include an “Amended by” line specifying the name of the doctor who amended the report.

Additional Signature

May 16, 2019

EMSOW at APDA Billing Midyear Conference 2019

Thanks to all the organizers, participants, and guests of APDA 2019 Billing Midyear Conference. Great event for sharing your valuable experience and plenty of opportunities to present our latest products for x-ray and ultrasound billing. See you next time!

If you want to follow up or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

EMSOW at UPDA 2019

May 15, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – May 15, 2019

News of the World

Hello World!

One of the most important industry news of the last two weeks is FDA’s new instruction regarding reports about the problems associated with the use of Rubidium-82 generators (for details, please refer to the official FDA release).

As for EMSOW, we have released a line of essential upgrades to improve the transparency and efficiency of your business.

EMSOW Release

[#18550] PACS Package Manager
We have created the PACS Package Manager module for packing DICOM files and burning CD/DVD discs, which increases EMSOW’s user-friendliness and improves your efficiency. Now you can manage all your PACS archives and ISO files in one module.
We have replaced the DICOM package queue panel with a convenient notification system. Now, you can save plenty of time, since you don’t have to monitor the queue and wait until your archive is ready. Instead, you will receive a pop-up notification with a download link, no matter which module you are currently viewing. To learn more about this feature, please refer to our updated manual.

[#18344] Audit log in the Processing Module
We have increased the transparency of services processing by adding an audit log feature to the Processing module. From now on you can track who and when sent the services for reading and billing. This information is available in the History section of the Processing module.

Order history

[#18587] Delivery log in the PACS Storage
We have improved the delivery log feature in the PACS Storage. By clicking the “Delivery log” button, you can see who and when sent images from your PACS Storage to an external PACS system.

[#18505] Edit notes in Billing Rules
If you are dealing with many users and multiple billing rules, there’s good news. After changing a billing rule, the user is now prompted to add a note and explain why the rule had to be changed. Go to the Setup menu and select Billing Rules in the Rules dropdown menu to take a look at the improvement (you need permission to access this section). This new feature increases usage transparency and helps you avoid confusion, no matter how many rules and users you’re dealing with.

[#18608 ] Improved header in the Billing module
The header pane in the Billing module contains a lot of useful information. Now you can hover the mouse over any displayed value to see its description. From now on, your employees will not get confused when they want to calculate totals at the end of the month. Moreover, you can now turn on and off the display of particular values.

Billing module

[#18265] Improved interface for entering CARC & RARC codes
Now some good news for your payment posting team. We have increased the usability of the posting interface by replacing the CARC and RARC dropdown box in the “Post transaction” window with a dialog where you can enter these codes faster. This option is essential since sometimes you have to enter over ten explanation codes for one transaction. With this option, your posting team will get more efficient.

[#17882] Increased stability of the PACS storage
We have increased the stability of EMSOW’s PACS Storage module. Previously, the system might return an error when you used the “Received from” search filter. Now we have eliminated this bug.

May 8, 2019


EMSOW is proud to take part in APDA 2019 Midyear Billing Conference, organized by the American Portable Diagnostics Association.

Meet EMSOW team on May 8–9 at Booth 2 to learn about how our software can help you bill for mobile X-ray services (including transportation and setup), dispatch technicians, store and interpret DICOM images in one easy-to-use app.

If you are looking for a radiologist to read X-rays, EMSOW can help you find the right doctor in your state via MDW radiology marketplace we partner with.

You can contact us online or on the phone. Schedule a meeting, and we will get in touch with you at your convenience.

April 24, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – April 24, 2019

Hello, world!

A week ago, radiologists in China found a 13 cm spoon in a woman’s duodenum. She accidentally swallowed it when she tried to remove a fishbone out of her throat. Luckily, the spoon was timely extracted.

And if you need to improve your turnaround time, we’ve got something new for you.

[#18551] Automatically change service status and auto-assign a technologist

When a technologist attaches images by dragging and dropping study tiles in the Technologist Portal, the system automatically changes the service status from “Scheduled” to “Performed”. Now your scheduling managers can save their time since they don’t need to manually change the service status prior to image upload—the system recognizes the status change on its own!

Automatically change service status

In addition, if the service was not assigned to the technologist, the system assigns him or her to the service (given that their user account is linked to the particular technologist account), so that their name appears on the final report.