January 15, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – January 15, 2020


TechCrunch: “Every day, millions of new medical images containing the personal health information of patients are spilling out onto the internet.” About half of these images belong to patients from the USA. It seems like cyber-security risks are becoming more acute. One of the ways to minimize them is to use a secure cloud platform for image transfer.

In response to these challenges, our developers are constantly working on enhancing EMSOW’s security. However, this week we have focused on improving our billing and posting systems.


[#19412] Do not create patient statements for claims forwarded to a secondary payer

We have updated our payment posting feature to prevent errors and improve your billing accuracy. From now on, the system will not create a patient statement when you are posting a payment from an ERA that indicates that the original claim was forwarded to a secondary insurance carrier. If the secondary insurance is not entered into the service record, an error message will be displayed, asking the user to add the secondary insurance to the service.


[#19372] Updates in the Clearing module

To further improve your billing accuracy, we have also updated the Clearing module. Now, before you mark a file as taken by ticking the flag icon in the Taken column, you will see a confirmation window. To mark the file as taken, click Yes. Besides, we have added the Date taken column so that you could easily track the date and time of when the files were taken.


[#19482] Improved claims search

Now you can gain better control over your revenue streams. Previously, the Unsent claims filter disregarded the claims that users marked as submitted manually, so the filter would display those claims as if they were unsent. We have fixed this issue. Also, we have added a new filter, Unsent claims (via clearing house), which allows you to search specifically for claims that are supposed to be sent electronically.


[#19490] Billing status icons in the Processing module

You asked us to visualize the billing status of exams in the Processing module, and we did it. We have added visual icons to the billing status line. Now, along with the textual description, you will see status icons: ‎✅ for paid exams, ⌛ for pending payments, and ✍️ for written-off amounts. This update will help your staff see the billing status of the exams at a glance!


January 9, 2020

Emsow postcard


It has been a productive year for us. All in all, the system has been updated 50 times with 433 improvements! We have been focusing on automation, integration, and user-friendliness. Many of these updates are inspired by our customers. We want to thank you for being with us all this time and helping us become better. We’ll keep on doing our best in the upcoming 2020!

Here is a couple of our most noteworthy updates of 2019:

[#18174] Make any file types available in Physician Portal
We have made it possible to make any file type available to Physician Portal users. Go to Setup  Processing  File types and select the “Show in physician portal” checkbox for the required file types. Now your providers can get as much information from your paperwork as they need.

[#18309] NPPES integration
EMSOW is now integrated with the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). This means that whenever you add or edit a doctor or organization, EMSOW can automatically look up the NPI, address, and taxonomy codes in the NPPES and fill out the corresponding fields. This applies to referring facilities, referring doctors, reading facilities, reading doctors, rendering providers, and billing companies. In order to perform a lookup, click the NPPES lookup button in the editing window. If the button is not yet available to you, please contact EMSOW Support to request access.

[#18663] Rendering Provider portal
To improve EMSOW’s usability for clinical practitioners, we have created the Rendering Provider portal. Here, you can create studies in order to save the results of your work with patients. By clicking the “Edit worksheet” button, you can add notes to the studies based on customizable templates. User-friendly search filters allow you to filter the studies by any criteria, from the date of service to the patient’s or doctor’s name. To get yourself set up with the new module, please contact EMSOW support at

[#19089] Check eligibility for the date of service
We have made the eligibility check feature more versatile, so now you can check eligibility for the date of service. For example, you can check if a patient is eligible to receive a service scheduled in advance.

[#19104] EmsowMobilePro for iPhone and iPad: Administrator Mode and More
We have significantly improved our mobile application so that your traveling technologists and clinicians could get the most out of it. Moreover, this new version of the app enables practice administrators to access all procedure records, even on the go!

December 11, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – December 11, 2019

[#19104] EmsowMobilePro for iPhone and iPad: Administrator Mode and More

If you are about to go mobile (or already running a mobile diagnostic business), there’s good news. We have significantly improved our mobile application so that your traveling technologists and clinicians could get the most out of it. Moreover, this new version of the app enables practice administrators to access all procedure records, even on the go.
Here’s the complete list of updates:
* iOS 13/iPadOS support added
* Application icons and images redesigned
* New report template engine implemented – more productive, fast and user-friendly
* Administrator mode implemented – now you can view visits and exams for all users
* Study management system updated:
* patient editing available to all users
* patient insurance editing available to all users
* study lookup improved
* patient state lookup improved
* exam editing available to all users
* exam diagnosis codes viewing/editing implemented
* exam follow-up date viewing/editing implemented
* scheduled exam viewing/editing implemented
* app stability and performance improved


December 4, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – December 4, 2019


If you are a mobile imaging provider, then you must secure your patient information and eliminate any leakage risk. Jennings Aske, an information security expert from NewYork-Presbyterian, describes cyber-security challenges.

Thinking about a secure way to store, transfer and manage your images and documents? Check out EMSOW website!


[#19257] Updated ICD-10 code database
We have updated the ICD-10 code database according to the changes released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in October 2019. The latest ICD-10 codes are now available in EMSOW.

[#19346] Critical findings checkbox in the report interface
We have replaced the critical findings window in the report interface. Now reading physicians do not need to select if the report findings are critical when finalizing each report. Instead, they can either click the new checkbox at the bottom of the screen or ignore it (if there are no critical findings).

November 27, 2019

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

EMSOW Team wishes you and your loved ones a day full of splendor and gratitude! We are looking forward to helping you in the future. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meanwhile, before the Thanksgiving dinner is ready, our developers have added a couple of useful updates.


[#19315] Post payments even if some CPT codes are closed
A few of our customers had reported being unable to post co-pay payments to multi-CPT study records. Our tech team investigated the issue and released an update to resolve it. Now you can post payments to study records consisting of several CPTs even if the billing history for some of the CPTs has been closed due to zero balance (e.g. if you have posted an insurance payment with a co-pay value that only applies to one of the CPTs).

[#19323] Rejection management in the Clearing module
With the latest Clearing module update, you can manage rejected claims more efficiently. Find claim responses for a certain date range by using the filter and click on the claim number link in the Claims column. In the details window, you can view rejection reasons and claim information. The Actions column contains buttons to edit service and billing information that allow you to quickly correct any data and resubmit the claims. Also, there is a Service ID link to jump from this window to the Processing module.