March 12, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – March 12, 2020

Modality Worklist: A Brief Introduction for Beginners

Check out our introductory article about the Modality Worklist on Medium. The Modality Worklist (or MWL) is a feature of the DICOM protocol that allows you to transfer procedure lists to be performed from a PACS server to your diagnostic equipment. Being a comprehensive yet user-friendly and intuitive solution, EMSOW supports this functionality.

EMSOW Release

[#19755] Technologist Portal will warn the user if the DICOM patient name does not match the patient name from Dispatch

We have decreased the risk of human error in the Technologist portal. Now, if you attach images to studies by using the drag-and-drop function and the patient name in the images does not match that in the dispatch entry, the system will warn you with a confirmation window.


[#19754] Social Security Number in the Portable Services Requisition form

We have added the Social Security Number (SSN) field to the Portable Services Requisition form, which you can print from the Billing module.


[#19751] Keep the state of the Worksheet filter in the Technologist Portal

We have improved the search functionality of the Technologist Portal by adding a stateful Worksheet filter. It is located under the Group by filter in the Options panel and contains the following options: Saved, Not saved, and All. The stateful filter “remembers” the search condition used in the previous search, so you can set up your portal to display studies without a saved worksheet at all times.


[#19752] New stateful filters in the Dispatch module

We have added new stateful filters to the Dispatch module. They include the following search options: Dispatch stage, Critical Findings, Priority, Branches, Referring facilities, Technologists, Modalities, Hide items flagged as “phoned”, Hide items with delivered reports, Hide items flagged as confirmed by technologist, and Show cancelled items. Check the needed box once, and the system will remember your choice for all the future searches!


[#19798] Self-payment option in Referring Contracts

We have added the Self checkbox to referring contract conditions so that you could apply them to self-pay patients. EMSOW considers a patient self-pay if there is no insurance specified for him or her. To use this option, follow the path: Setup > Billing > Referring contracts. Create a new contract or start editing an existing one.


[#19753] Charge percentage in Referring Contracts

Another improvement in the Referring Contracts functionality is the percentage field (displayed as %:). This field is used to apply a percentage to the Charge based on field that allows you to reference an insurance company’s fee schedule in your contracts.


March 6, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – March 6, 2020

An article from EMSOW: PACS for Beginners

Thinking about getting a PACS solution? If you are about to launch your own mobile diagnostic business, check out our introductory article about PACS technology.
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[#19756] “Group by” search option in the Technologist portal

We have improved the search options in the Technologist portal by adding the Group by option, similar to that in our PACS storage module. Now, you can group your images by Study UID, attached studies, and DICOM studies (default). Previously all the images were automatically arranged by Study UID.


[#19579] Transaction conditions for billing

We have improved our auto-posting feature. Now you can automatically write off a pending amount when you receive a denial with certain codes. Go to Setup > Billing > Transaction conditions. Click Add new and enter a range of CPT codes, insurances, as well as CARC/RARC codes.


[#19726] “Cancel” button in the Dispatch module

Now you can cancel exams right in the Dispatch module. Select the needed studies, click the Cancel button, enter a cancellation reason in the window that opens (you can also skip it), then click OK. The exams will receive the canceled status and disappear from the Dispatch module. Please note that if an exam is confirmed by a technologist, it cannot be canceled. To cancel unconfirmed studies, you will need to “undispatch” them and notify the technologist.



February 27, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – February 27, 2020

“Extended functionality” – that’s how this week’s updates can be put into two words. We have improved referring facility records management, and updated the reading rules module to add support for conditions based on the date of service. Moreover, we have improved the transportation coding functionality. If you are a portable X-ray company and not our customer yet, book a demo and take a look at EMSOW in action (check out the “Schedule a demo” button on our website).

[#19639] New columns in the Referring Facilities module

We have added new columns to the Referring Facility module so that you could manage your referring facility records more efficiently. Now you can display the following parameters for them: Short name; Full name; Account; Ordering facility; Billing settings; Contract; Contacts; Study groups.

You can add the corresponding columns to the Results pane or remove them from it by clicking the “arrow” button to the left of each column.


[#19420] Date of service conditions in reading rules

We have extended the functionality of reading rules. Now you can add the DoS from and DoS to conditions. For example, this update is helpful if you need to autofill your services from/to a specific date or within a date range. To add these (or any other) conditions, go to the Reading Rules module and add a new rule or start editing an existing one. In the window that opens, click the “plus” button, and add the needed conditions from the dropdown menu.


[#19649] Reworked feature: “Related transportation codes”

Now you can assign X-ray transportation codes in the Processing, Billing, and Payer Assignment modules by clicking the Assign R0070/R0075.


In the window that opens, enter search options in the Options section, click Search, select studies that were done within the same trip, and click the Add transportation codes button. This will add HCPCS code R0070 to studies done within single-patient trips, and R0075 (with appropriate modifiers) to studies done within multi-patient trips.


February 19, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – February 19, 2020

Hi, we hope you had a wonderful Presidents’ Day. Meanwhile, we put out a new feature to improve your scheduling management.

[#19588] Counters for performed, scheduled and canceled services

Previously, you had to scroll the mouse down the order window to see the number of scheduled, performed and canceled services. Now you can view these details in the Order Information section of the Processing module. The number of services is displayed near the icons, which refer to the service status.


February 12, 2020

EMSOW Weekly Newsletter – February 12, 2020

This week we have been working on automating EMSOW’s insurance management. And here’s a new improvement, check it out!

[#19595] Insurance overrides based on service address

In addition to our previous update (#19561), now you can override multiple insurances at once, on the basis of the service location zip code. It can be either a facility’s or patient’s zip, depending on the PoS code.

Also, we have changed the directory of this setting. To access it, go to the Setup menu, click Rules, and select Insurance Overrides.