EMSOW User Manual


Configuring connection between diagnostic equipment and computer

If you want to transfer images to EMSOW via an Ethernet cable, please use the following settings on your diagnostic equipment:

Local IP address:, static
Subnet mask:

DICOM Server/Service:
IP address:
Port: 39999
Compression: jpeg
Compression level: medium or high

Note: The network is used as the recommended example for a direct Ethernet connection between your computer and diagnostic equipment. Other local IP ranges are supported as well; however, you should make sure to avoid address conflicts.

On your computer, change the IP address of the Ethernet interface to by doing the following steps:

1. Press Win+R on your keyboard, enter ncpa.cpl and press Enter. The “Network Connections” control panel will open.

2. Right-click your Ethernet adapter, select Properties.

3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4, click Properties, and enter the following settings:


Then click OK. You may need to restart your diagnostic equipment.