EMSOW User Manual



In the Reports module, you can track the readiness of large reports – the Monthly Reconciliation Report and End of Month Report.

To run either of these reports, click BILLINGBILLINGReportMonthly Reconciliation Report / End of Month Report. When the report is ready, you will get a push up notification with a link to download the report. You can also download the report directly from the new module, where all generated reports remain available for one month. Moreover, you will receive the download link via e-mail if you specified an email address in the contact information of your account.

There are the Options and Generated files sections in the module. In the Options panel on the left sidebar, specify the search parameters as necessary. You can search files either by Queued date or Completed date. The search results will appear in the Generated files panel. The list of reports is arranged in several columns: ID, Name, Queued, Generation time, Completed, and Actions.

– Reports that are ready to be downloaded are marked with the green dot and highlighted in gray. As you download the file, the dot becomes gray. You can mark important files with this green dot, just click the dot next to the file. Click the name of the file to download it.