EMSOW User Manual


How to schedule work hours for a technologist

To add a time slot for a technologist, please select the Office schedule tab and click Event → Create:

The Add new event window will open:

The basic options in this window are the following:

  1. In the Referring facility field select the facility to be visited by the technologist. Administrators can modify the facility list by going to SETUP → REFERRING → REFERRING FACILITIES.
  2. In the Study groups field select what groups of studies the technologist will be able to perform. Administrators can modify the study group list by going to SETUP → TESTS → STUDY GROUPS, as well as the list of available studies by going to SETUP → TESTS → STUDIES.
  3. The Work time and Break time drop-down lists allow you to specify the work and break hours of the technologist.
  4. Under Recurrence pattern, you can select options to make the event repeating. For example, with the options below the event is scheduled to occur bi-weekly on Thursdays from the 7th of July 2016 to the 25th of August 2016:


Another way to add a new event is from the Schedule Rules module by clicking the Add new button. In the Schedule Rules module you can add only a recurring event while in the Schedule module you can also add a single event. For more information please refer to the Schedule Rules module.