EMSOW User Manual


The Processing module

EMSOW’s Processing module offers you tools to process the data of diagnostic studies, such as patient demographics and scanned or digital paperwork. The data processing workflow begins when technologists upload medical images, such as ultrasound ones, from diagnostic equipment. Then the images are attached to studies which have Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes to define the purposes of patient examination. Every study may include several procedures and accordingly have several procedure codes. The code list is compiled according to the American Medical Association’s codebook and is defined during the installation of EMSOW.

Every study is linked to a referring doctor, which is the physician who has referred a patient for the examination. The referring doctor’s name is typically entered on the equipment. EMSOW groups the referring doctors by referring facility.

The main item of the processing routine is a service, which is a collection of studies performed on the patient on a certain date. The services are grouped into orders based on the referring facility. In case your company has several operating units, the orders may belong to different branches or ordering facilities, which should be set up during the system installation.


The end goal of processing the service is to assign two things to it: a reading doctor who will interpret the medical images (if there is more than one study in the service, each may have its own reading doctor), and a billing company on behalf of which the service will be billed for. The Processing module allows you to properly process all received data for the service (including the medical images and the associated documents such as tech sheets), and send it to the reading doctors and the billing companies. It must be done correctly and quickly so that your company gets the images interpreted and the services billed for in time.