EMSOW User Manual


External Collections

This module’s purpose is to store information about collections made from clients during the month. You can access this module via Billing:

Here is the module layout:

In section 1 you can see the searching tools:

  • Date – specify the date or period of time.
  • Amount – specify the amount of collections.
  • Ordering facilities – choose one or more Ordering facilities.

After you click “Search”, section 2 will be filled with specified collections.

In section 3 you can see the tools for operating collection entries:

  • Add new – creates new entry. Here is the dialog window for adding new entry:

Here you can choose Ordering facility, Enter and later Choose existent Sources of collection, Date and Amount of payment, and write down the comment if needed.

  • Edit selected – opens entry editing dialog window. Edit dialog window looks exactly same as the previous one;
  • Remove selected – deletes selected entry;
  • Copy to clipboard – copies entry data to the clipboard;
  • Export – saves the entry data to .xls file.

Section 4 contains tools for navigating the list of entries.