EMSOW User Manual


How to download images from Technologist Portal and record them to a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive

1. Open the Technologist Portal module.

2. Select the studies you would like to record to a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive, and click Pack.

3. The Pack images window will open. Select ISO to burn a CD/DVD or ZIP to copy the study to a USB flash drive.

4. Select Store original DICOM images (DCM) to save original DICOM files. You can also select Store preview for DICOM images (JPEG/AVI/TXT) to save files in common formats, such as JPEG, that can be opened on any computer without a DICOM viewer. Then click OK.

The images will be added to the queue (the corresponding notification will appear at the top of the window).

Preparation of the archive or ISO file in the queue can be tracked in the Package manager.

To open it, select Package manager in the PACS dropdown menu in the menu bar.

5. When your archive or ISO file is ready, a notification with a download link will appear. The notification will also be sent to your email.

You can download the packed images by clicking the link or by clicking Download in the Status column of the Package Manager Module.

To burn the ISO file to a disk, you may need to use CD/DVD burning software. In Windows 7 and Windows 10 you only need to double-click the file as these operating systems have built-in disk burning software.

If you have selected the ZIP format and wish to copy the DICOM images onto a USB flash drive, please extract the images from the archive and copy them to the drive.

Alternatively, you can find the required studies in the PACS STORAGE module, if you have access to it.

The Pack button in the PACS STORAGE module works the same way.