EMSOW User Manual


How to automatically notify technologists about facility visits

  1. Add an email address to the technologist’s account in SETUP → ACCOUNTING → TECHNOLOGISTS.
  2. Make sure the technologist has a user name in the system that is linked to their account (double-click the user account and see the “Links” tab).
  3. Make sure the default service statuses for “scheduled” and “cancelled” events exist in SETUP → PROCESSING → SERVICE STATUS (double-click a status and select “Use it by default”).
  4. Make sure the technologist’s user account is in a group that has the “Technologist schedule – confirm/cancel events” permission enabled.
  5. Go to SCHEDULE → OFFICE SCHEDULE, create a new event and assign the technologist to it. A notification will be sent to their email address.
  6. To confirm the event, the technologist will have to click “Confirm” in the email message.