EMSOW User Manual


How to upload studies to EMSOW PACS Bridge via USB flash drive

  1. Insert the flash drive into a USB port on your computer. Depending on your system settings, Windows will open the flash drive folder or prompt you to open it.

  2. If the flash drive folder didn’t open automatically, open the flash drive in Windows Explorer:

  3. Copy the studies from the flash drive to the EMSOW PACS Bridge upload folder. There are several ways to do it:

    • Select and right-click the folders that contain the images to be uploaded. In the shortcut menu that opens, select Send toEMSOW PACS Bridge – Upload.

    • Alternatively, you can copy the study folders or individual image files to the upload folder on the desktop:

    • If there is no upload folder on the desktop, find the folder in the Start menu:

      Then open it and copy the studies to the folder.

  4. After the files are copied, launch EMSOW PACS Bridge by clicking the desktop icon:

    You will see the studies ready to be uploaded.

  5. Having logged in to EMSOW PACS Bridge, you can send the studies to your EMSOW domain. See instructions here.